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We have 596 tips for you !We have 596 tips for you !We have 596 tips for you !
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The new features in Vista

New in Microsoft Vista

Aero Glass

This is how Microsoft calls the interface of Vista, Everything that you see on the desktop or in folders has a glow and is half transparent. Aero Glass should help navigate through files and folders.


SuperFetch keeps track of what you do on your PC. The info is gathered and stored, so your PC is getting quicker and quicker.

Start Menu

The sliding windows in the start menu irritated people. In Vista the starting of an application is made easier.

Media Center

Although known from the special editions of Windows Xp, This is really sharing media files with other equipment.


Hopefully there are no little birds in Vista.
The quickest way to navigate among directories in Explorer is by using the dropdown breadcrumbs in the address bar. (You can also click and then type in the address bar to enter a path name manually.) Alo they leave a trail of folders that you opened previously.

Photo Gallery

Vista comes standard with a program to control, manage, search for and save pictures.


Administering Vista is mada lot easier and more intuitive.


Game-fan? All drivers and settings of all major games are embedded in Vista. This will minimise installation time


In Vista you can directly write your DVD's, the software is already embedded.

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