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Windows vista editions

Windows Vista Editions

Microsoft delivered five different editions of the Windows XP operating system, but these different editions were aligned with specific types of PC hardware instead of with the different ways people use their PCs. For instance, Windows XP Professional Tablet PC Edition is designed for mobile PCs and supports handwriting recognition. Windows XP Media Center Edition serves as a hub for your home entertainment system. And Windows XP Professional x64 Edition enables the use of cutting-edge 64-bit processors. But what if you're looking for a single operating system that can connect to your TV, run on a mobile PC that supports handwriting recognition, serve as the hub of your home entertainment system, and take advantage of 64-bit performance and security? With Windows XP there is no offering that gives you this much flexibility.

The five different editions of Windows Vista are designed to fit the way you intend to use your PC:

Windows Vista Business

Regardless of the size of your organization, Windows Vista Business will help you lower your PC management costs, improve your security, enhance your productivity, and help you stay better connected.

Windows Vista Enterprise

Windows Vista Enterprise is designed to meet the needs of large global organizations with highly complex IT infrastructures. Windows Vista Enterprise can help you lower your IT costs while providing additional layers of protection for your sensitive data.

Windows Vista Home Premium

Whether you choose to use your PC to write e-mail and surf the Internet, for home entertainment, or to track your household expenses, Windows Vista Home Premium delivers a more complete and satisfying computing experience.

Windows Vista Home Basic

Windows Vista Home Basic is designed to deliver improved reliability, security, and usability to home PC users who just want to do the basics with their PCs.

indows Vista Ultimate

If you want all of the best business features, all of the best mobility features, and all of the best home entertainment features that Windows Vista has to offer, Windows Vista Ultimate is the solution for you. With Windows Vista Ultimate you don't have to compromise. Ten latest tips:
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